Business Relations with Overseas Partners

Fostering a good business relationship with overseas partners is as essential as it is with your customers. After all, your overseas partner is your customer one way or the other. In this age of outsourcing, this is one major aspect that you cannot afford to overlook. Here are some key points that can help you establish a healthy relationship with your overseas partner …

Since language is the most important factor, it is important to make arrangements to converse with your partner. Either learn their native language or have someone handy on your staff who knows their language. This is extremely important to conduct business professionally. Its always advised to learn as much as you can, maybe a sentence or two in their language will always show your interest in your business partner.

Learn the culture of that country you are doing business with. Know a little about the festivals, national holidays, events and general beliefs as this may always help you become a part of the community where you are going to do business. Moreover, you will be well known within your business circle and people do appreciate this approach. Respect the people and the country, because when you have respect for them, they give that back to you.

Show your interest in learning their lives and facts. People in different countries live their lives differently and the same difference can be found in their working style. Observe their working styles closely and utilize everything you learn while conducting business. You may be amazed at knowing something new which you had never thought and that could help you achieve your business targets much faster. Be a good listener and be ready to take new ideas from your overseas partner.

Most importantly, enjoy the partnership itself. Exchange news, tricks of the trade, tips to make your business better and enjoy your discussions with your partner. It’s really a lot of fun when you get a chance to work in a multicultural environment. Try to speak in their native language as much as you can in your break or non-business hours, this will really help you in creating a friendly environment.


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